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Curious about my past clients’ experiences? Take a look at their positive stories below.

"Tiphanie was amazing during my pregnancy, during labor and especially after birth. After the birth, she was incredibly INCREDIBLY supportive. I had so many doubts about my ability to breastfeed and she was incredibly help during that entire process. She has been instrumental in helping us have a successful healthy relationship between me and my husband as well as helping me bring my first baby into the world with a little less stress! As you can tell, I'm so grateful for her support, kindness and knowledge!"

McKenzi T.

"Tiphanie is caring, attentive and informative. She always has a knack for knowing right when I need a little encouragement or checking in. I highly recommend her to anyone needing support during pregnancy AND postpartum (when you need it the most). Tiphanie is the best."

Shannon P.

"I repeatedly looked to Tiphanie for guidance and assurance throughout my pregnancy. I constantly had concerns and questions and Tiphanie helped ease those fears and walk me through my pregnancy all the way to the very end! I highly recommend having her by your side during your pregnancy!"

Melissa I.

"Tiphanie is an amazing and passionate birth professional."

Angela R.

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