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the (m)others circle - August 12

Last week we touched on being flexible. For Tiphanie, this is usually a daily mantra and practice, especially during your postpartum journey. Learning to be flexible with yourself, your time, your support, and your expectations. Life with a newborn requires you to be flexible. While it is important to try and establish a sleeping routine and schedule, there are days that it does not go as planned.

"With my first mini, I had a very rigid schedule and the way "things were done". I was not flexible and this (and a few other factors) caused me to have a severe case of postpartum anxiety, OCD, and depression. With this newest mini, I have been more understanding and (have tried to be) more relaxed in my approach to things." - Tiphanie

Take a moment and check-in with your body. Where are you tight Where are you holding/clenching? Can you see where you need to move? Are you in a space to move those muscles / take a quick stretch? Some popular stretches for (m)others are offered here Option 1, Option 2, or connect with some of the amazing humans in our (m)others circle community. 

For funsies, we asked last week's circle what they were currently watching/ready! Here are a few highlights! Alone, The Red Tent, Mrs. America, Boys & Sex, Heal Your Body, Palm Springs

Our next (m)others circle will be on August 26 at 10 AM PST. RSVP Today As always, this is a free event, however, we are accepting donations. (Suggested donation $5-10) We appreciate those of you who have the means & desire to make a donation to help make this and future circles possible.

Donations can be made here.

Wherever you are at in your journey at this time, know what we are here holding space. We are here. Please do not hesitate to reach out.  

All our best,

Natalie & Tiphanie 

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