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Newborn Feeding Support

My own, personal struggles feeding my first child lead me to study more about lactation and how to feed newborns. Should you choose to breast/chest or bottle-feed, let me help ease this transition. 


I offer a relaxed, knowledgeable approach to newborn feeding. Support is offered in-person or virtually. Together we will create a unique bonding experience for you and your newborn. Below is a little bit of what you can expect: 


If breast/chestfeeding, the topics we cover:

  • Proper latching.

  • Hunger cues.

  • Feeding positions

  • How to introduce a bottle.

  • Feeding schedules/patterns.

  • Expressing your milk, manually and electronically.

  • When to start building a supply.

  • How and when to use a breast pump and much more!


If bottle-feeding, the topics we cover:

  • Hunger cues.

  • Feeding methods (e.g. Paced Feeding)

  • Feeding schedules/patterns.

  • Bottles and nipples.

  • Proper preparation of formula and much more!


Fee for Feeding Support:

Newborn Feeding 101 Classes, In-home: $150 for 3 hours.

Newborn Feeding Support, after birth: $125 (Up to 2 hours).

Follow-up Visit: $60.

Virtual Feeding Support: Please contact for pricing.


All options include phone and/or text follow-ups. Newborn Feeding packages are available.

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