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Additional Pregnancy & Birth Services

Childbirth Education Series

Tailored just for your pregnancy and birth, we will prepare an education packaged just for you. You will learn more about what the basics about pregnancy, what physical changes your body will go through, what labor looks like, comfort measures, medical interventions, different types of births, basic newborn care, and more. This in-depth class is available in person or virtually. To learn a little more about these prenatal classes, click hereFee for Childbirth, contact for pricing. 

Bed Rest Doula

At times, pregnancy requires the pregnant person to be put on bed rest. Get extra personal support throughout this time. As a Doula, I am here for you during this time. I promise to offer unwavering support to you and your family. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing and offer anything needed. Fee for Best Rest Doula, contact for pricing. Minimum of 4-hour shift. Nights shifts are also available.

Sibling Doula

Finding trusted care for a sibling can be a challenge. Many do not understand how unpredictable labor can be. As a Doula, I know. This is why I also offer support for siblings during YOUR birthing time. We will have one consultation prior to sibling care. During this time we will discuss any needs of the sibling(s). Once committed, I will be on call starting at week 38 of the pregnancy. Fee for Sibling Doula is $250 for 8 hours of care. $25 per additional sibling (one-time fee). $25 per hour past the initial 8 hours. 

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